#3 Favorite Male Character:


I love Damocles. I believe it was about halfway through reading SA that I declared him my favorite male character (though Rowland was really close!!), and I don’t think I’ve changed it since. If you know me, you know I tend to have a soft spot for the good guy-with-an-ego, and Damocles fit the bill from the start. And then I liked him even MORE once he started to grow throughout the story. You have this character who starts off very young (maturity wise), and by the point of his father’s death when he takes over as lord, someone who is completely and totally ready to step into the role. Obviously there’s still some things to be learned, but you actually SEE all of his progress and growth, and you literally see him change and accept that yes, he is Lord now, and he is in charge. And this was NOT easy, given how many people were keeping things from him throughout the plot. (Seriously, it was almost a running joke of how much Damocles didn’t know that kept getting confessed to him: I mean, how is he SUPPOSED to run things if he didn’t know what was going on?!). I LOVED seeing him take charge, learn from his past, and truly grow as a person. And I love that, despite his outward “arrogance” (come onnn, he has to be just a little bit if he’s going to rule a freaking town), he is NEVER above learning from the people around him. Rowland, Maeve, Abira, hell, even Evelyn and Garrett, teach him, and it’s this ability to learn and accept that he may have been wrong about some things that make him able to become the Lord we see him as after his father’s death. I know I said in question 1 that SA was Rowacles’ story, and I still believe that, but in another way it was a coming-of-age story for Damocles. And I loved every second of his journey.


I. Love. Mitchell Stone. How could you NOT? (Are we sensing a pattern in the sort of character I like? haha.) First of all, I love that he’s not completely 100% on board with being this revolution’s leader. In fact, he’s really a reluctant hero. He didn’t even want to be publicly known as a Muggleborn (and I don’t blame him). He’s spurred into action by the (ABSOLUTELYHORRIBLEYOUTWOARESERIOUSLYGOINGTOKILLME) deaths of his best friends. At first, he doesn’t even want the other OUTLAWS with him. Again, I completely understand that. But what makes this character so amazing is hisheart. At the very core of his being, Mitchell IS a leader, and he CAN lead a revolution, and, most importantly, he DOES. I love seeing Mitchell go from, “Oh, HELL no, I’m just getting away from everyone and living with the forest, you all need to go back home,” to addressing the town at the end of Proclamation (with a handy joke, of course!). You know that corny quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”? Mitchelllivesthat. It’s ironic: it’ssoan issue that he’s not nobility, and yet he’s more noble than most of the court put together (…No, Damocles, I’m not talking about you). There’s just so much to love about him!!


I think I also would choose both of these characters as my favorite male characters because of how closely their stories mirror each other. As much as SA is a coming-of-age story for Damocles, CE is a coming-of-age story for Mitchell. Both of these characters start out as very set in their ways, and, though notcontentwith the way things are, have carved out their own place in the world. Then both of them have to step up to the plate in a serious way, and they bothdo. They both learn, they fight for what’s right, and they always try to do what’s right even though neither of them are perfect 100% of the time. I think it’s fascinating to have watched both of them grow into their roles as leaders in their own right.

And now I can’t wait to see how their parallel fights for the same goal turn out.

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